Industrial Wastewater Neutralization / pH Adjustment / Alkalinity Supplementation

Acidic wastewater effluents are common across a wide spectrum of industrial categories.  In a perfect world, industrial users of alkalinity agents would enjoy unequalled economic and technical benefits.

Magnesium hydroxide slurry is a member of the family of industrial alkalis. Environmental professionals do not need to be held captive by higher-cost treatment agents such as caustic soda and hydrated lime.  The benefits are not limited to just favorable economics.  Magnesium hydroxide offers unparalleled safety, pH controllability, environmental friendliness, lower back-end solids creation, and greater alkalinity contribution, gallon-for-gallon.  Also unlike calcium agents, magnesium hydroxide does not contribute to scaling.

Our slurry for industrial wastewater applications is offered under the FloMag®H brand name.

Various alkalinity agents are offered for industrial wastewater neutralization, pH adjustment, and alkalinity supplementation.  FloMag core benefits deliver an unparalleled envelope of advances over alternative agent profiles.  FloMag optimizes value, as expressed by utility:cost ratio.

FloMag®H . . . no other technology approaches closer to an “in a perfect world” scenario of an industrial wastewater neutralization agent.