Magnesium Oxide for Agricultural Applications

Filler-Hard-Burned-MgO-smMartin Marietta provides magnesium oxide for use in agricultural applications.

AniMag® is a high purity feed grade magnesium oxide which is produced from magnesium-rich brines. AniMag is an excellent source of magnesium for cattle, horses and poultry.

CropMag® is a high purity agricultural grade magnesium oxide that provides a source of magnesium as a nutrient. CropMag is useful in correcting magnesium deficiencies in a wide variety of soils and crops.

Formulation Description Application
AniMag 30/100 Granular, high purity, feed grade Feed supplement for livestock, poultry
AniMag BLX 30 High purity, feed grade Feed supplement for beef / dairy cattle, horses, sheep
AniMag LFS High purity, feed grade Liquid feed supplement
CropMag 58 Granular, high purity Crop and soil supplement
CropMag 200 High purity, plant food Liquid suspension fertilizer mixes


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