In general, magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide are used in a number of applications including:

Abrasives As a binder in grinding wheels
Animal feed supplement Source of magnesium ions for beef and dairy cattle and other animals
Boiler additives Raises melting point of ash generated to produce a friable material that is easily removed; reduced corrosion of steel pipes holding steam as well as sulfur emissions into the environment
Boiler feedwater treatment Reduces iron, silica and solids
Ceramics Ingredient in ceramics formulations
Chemicals Starting point for the production of other magnesium salts such as sulfate and nitrate
Coatings Pigment extender in paint and varnish
Construction Basic ingredient in oxychloride, oxysulfate and phosphate cements used for flooring, wallboard, fiber board, and tile
Electrical Semi-conductors; heating elements insulating filler between wire and outer sheath
Fertilizers Source of essential magnesium for plant nutrition
Food Additive to prevent caking and improve flow in powders; adjust pH in food manufacturing
Foundries Catalyst and water acceptor in shell molding
Glass manufacture Ingredient for specialty, scientific and decorative glassware and fiberglass
Insulation Light, flexible mats for insulating pipes
Lubricating oils Additive to neutralize acids
Metal Mining Alkali to precipitate metals from acid streams
Pharmaceuticals Special grades of magnesium hydroxide, oxide and carbonate are used in antacids, cosmetics, toothpaste, and ointments
Plastics manufacture Flame retardant, filler, acid acceptor, thickener, catalyst and pigment extender
Pulp bleaching Cellulose protector and alkali for peroxide bleaching of pulp
Refractory Refractory brick and repair materials used in steelmaking furnaces
Rubber compounding Filler, acid acceptor, anti-scorch ingredient, curing aid, pigment
Steel industry Annealing process; coating for grain-oriented silicon steel used in electrical transformers
Sugar refining Reduces scale build-up when used in juice clarification and precipitation
Uranium, gallium & boron Precipitation initiator by acid neutralization processing
Wastewater treatment Acid stream neutralizer; precipitates heavy metals
Water treatment Adjust pH and precipitate heavy metals from drinking water

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