Refractory & Steelmaking


Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties' high purity, dead burned magnesium oxide is used as a raw material in refractory products. Our dolomitic lime is used as a fluxing agent in steelmaking.



MagChem® P98 is used as a raw material in refractory products such as magnesia carbon bricks, monolithic gunning mixes, castables, and other miscellaneous refractory products for use in steelmaking, iron making, and foundry applications where high temperature and corrosion resistance are required.

Several grades of dead burned magnesium oxide are available in run of kiln and sized fractions.

Dolomitic lime is available in Pebble, Midsize and Granular grades.

Technical Data Sheets

Common Applications

  • Refractory bricks
  • Monolithic gunning mixes
  • Castables
  • Steelmaking
  • Iron making
  • Foundry Applications

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