Are Acids Giving you Heartburn? Try Milk of Magnesia!

If your stomach has acid indigestion, you can take pharmaceutical-grade Milk of Magnesia. If your municipal or industrial processes are troubled by acids, then industrial-grade Milk of Magnesia could be the best fix to your problems. Every day, our many and varied customers purchase Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties’ FloMag® H high solids, stabilized synthetic magnesium hydroxide slurry.

We produce large quantities of magnesia products every day for our list of prestigious customers, including many household names. We have a staff of professionals to help you decide how Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties can help you. Go to our contact page at

Here are a few ways we’ve helped our customers:

In Anaerobic Digestion, a skilled operator employs bacteria to process waste materials into useful co-products including methane biofuel and reclaimed water. However, uncontrolled accumulation of acids can lead to a pH drop and digester souring, a situation when bacteria become unhealthy or die. Milk of Magnesia is used here to provide a more controlled and efficient operation.

In Aerobic Digestion, microorganisms convert organic matter to gas and water. Here too, a poorly controlled process can lead to a low pH which can be detrimental to the bacteria which are sensitive to pH conditions. Milk of Magnesia is used here!

In a chemical plant, FloMag® H slurry neutralizes organic acids (such as Maleic or Fumaric) to a steady buffered pH acceptable to downstream industrial and municipal biological treatment. Another alkali overshot pH and killed the “bugs” resulting in a plant shutdown! That is unlikely to happen with FloMag® H due to its pH buffering ability.

Winery, Brewery, and Alcohol Distillery wastewaters can be strongly acidic due to the high content of Volatile Organic Acids (VOCs), high COD (chemical oxygen demand) and high BOD (biological oxygen demand). Fermentation markets employ FloMag® H for condensate or wastewater treatment.

Strong acids such as sulfuric acid and others may be used or created during inorganic chemical manufacturing, for metalloid processing, in oil refining, and in the metals and mining sector. FloMag® H neutralizes acid wastewater and acid gas! FloMag® H via hydroxide precipitation has successfully removed dissolved metals such as Al, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Zn, etc. while creating less sludge as compared to other alkalis! Ask us how!

Every day Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties helps our Semiconductor customers treat wastewater burdened with Hydrofluoric Acid and Silica. They keep coming back because FloMag® H works!

Whether your acid-neutralization application is listed here or not, we can talk about your needs and
ideas. Our professional staff is focused on satisfying you, the customer, with the best milk of magnesia
slurry product in the world. Join our list of prestigious customers! You are our next VIP!