High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide, High Purity Magnesium Oxide and Their Applications

High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide, High Purity Magnesium Oxide and Their Applications

Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry - Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties is North America’s largest producer of synthetic, high purity magnesium hydroxide slurry (Mg(OH)2) for use in industrial and biological wastewater treatment to adjust pH, supplement alkalinity and precipitate heavy metals. Since FloMag® H magnesium hydroxide slurry provides long lasting alkalinity and improved pH control, it can effectively replace lime, caustic soda and soda ash as a neutralizing agent. In municipalities, magnesium hydroxide slurry can be used to mitigate fats, oils and greases (FOG) as well as odor and corrosion of concrete sewer pipes due to hydrogen sulfide formation in collection systems. Power utility plants utilize UtiliMag® magnesium hydroxide slurry to mitigate SO3 emissions from boilers and neutralize wet ESP waste streams. Pulp mills utilize our CellGuard® OP magnesium hydroxide slurry as a cellulose protector and alkali to replace magnesium sulfate, caustic soda and sodium silicate in both chemical and mechanical pulp bleaching. Due to their superior stability, Martin Marietta’s slurries can be transported by either tanker truck or rail tank cars for transport cost optimization.

Magnesium Hydroxide Powder - Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties’ high purity, chemically precipitated grade of MagShield® magnesium hydroxide powder is designed to provide non-halogenated, non-toxic, and non-corrosive flame retardance and smoke suppression in plastics such as thermoplastic olefin roofing (TPO), plastic lumber, and low loading wire and cable applications. More thermally stable and cost competitive than aluminum trihydrate (ATH) and brominated compounds, MagShield® magnesium hydroxide powder is available in uncoated and coated standard and ultra-fine particle sizes.

Martin Marietta’s industrial grade MagChem® MH-10, and MagChem® MH-10 LC and ULC (low calcium) magnesium hydroxide powders are particularly suitable for industrial applications such as the production of magnesium salts, ceramic, lubricating oils and fuel additives. Martin Marietta also produces an NSF Certified powder, FloMag® PWT MHP, that conforms to NSF Standard 60 for Drinking Water Chemicals.

Light Burned Magnesium Oxide – Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties’ 98% high purity, light burned magnesium oxide (MgO) is a technical grade that is produced as a fine, white powder. Martin Marietta manufactures a wide variety of light burned, industrial MgO grades ranging from low to high reactivity and bulk density. MagChem® light burned products are well suited for many chemical reactions requiring a moderate surface area and fine particle size. End uses include the manufacture of magnesium salts, metal mining (e.g. cobalt, nickel, platinum and copper hydrometallurgy), construction products, fuel additives, oil drilling chemicals, sugar processing, potable water treatment and water silica removal in oil sands processing.

Hard Burned Magnesium Oxide - Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties' high purity hard burned magnesium oxide is a low reactive grade that has been calcined at temperatures ranging from 1000°C – 1500°C. Due to its narrow range of reactivity, hard burned magnesium oxide is typically used in applications where slow chemical reactivity is required. Martin Marietta produces hard burned magnesium oxide in various sizes ranging from a coarse, granular product to a fine powder. MagChem® hard burned magnesium oxide is used in applications such as fiberglass, fertilizers, ceramics, drilling muds, leather tanning, potable water treatment and other chemical applications.

Dead Burned Magnesium Oxide (Periclase) - Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties is North America’s largest producer of synthetic high purity dead burned magnesium oxide (DBM) or periclase for use in the manufacture of magnesia carbon refractory bricks used to insulate EAF and BOF steelmaking vessels, lime & cement kiln refractory brick, monolithic gunnable refractories, castables, oil drilling muds & chemicals, dental investments, road patching cements, and glass manufacture (e.g. liquid crystal display (LCD) glass). Martin Marietta's several grades of periclase are available in bulk and sized fractions.

Specialty Magnesium Oxide – Specialty magnesium oxides ranging from medium reactivity to high reactivity are produced at our Michigan and Ohio plants for various applications requiring high performance and maximum consistency in chemical and physical properties as well as reactivity. MagChem® 20 SC is a medium reactive, micronized magnesium oxide formulated to act as an electrical insulator in the annealing step of silicon grain oriented steel for high performance electrical transformers. Martin Marietta’s high surface area MgO product, Elastomag® delivers the precise predictability needed in rubber compounding. Elastomag® is manufactured to exact specifications in order to provide consistent performance as a scorch retarder in fluoroelastomers, neoprene and adhesives, as a MgO thickening agent in sheet and bulk molding compounds, and as an acid acceptor in halogenated polymers. Martin Marietta also produces a food grade magnesium oxide, Marinco® FCC, for use as a food additive for powder mix desiccants, color retention, pH modification, and electrolytes in beverage manufacturing; food contact sheet molding compounds; and as a magnesium supplement in nutraceuticals. Martin Marietta’s specialty magnesium oxides are available in various packaged sizes to meet the customer’s needs.

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