Engineering & Applications Center

Magnesium hydroxide is trusted by many of North America’s major corporations for wastewater neutralization, pH adjustment, and alkalinity supplementation by delivering a compelling envelope of technical, economic, and safety benefits.

To deliver the highest quality engineering and technical support, Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties established the Engineering & Applications Center more than 40 years ago to offer a unique set of technical services that are not provided by other magnesia suppliers. At Martin Marietta’s Engineering & Applications Center, a staff of Chemical Engineers expert in the use and application of magnesium hydroxide slurry can provide technical support in the evaluation and trial process at no cost to the prospective user of magnesium hydroxide slurry.

The Center has a staff of dedicated, full-time engineers with experience in helping hundreds of industrial entities, municipalities, manufacturers, systems integrators, and wastewater consultants.

Scope of Activities

  • Respond to questions regarding slurry storage and feed equipment
  • Calculate predicted economic cost savings
  • Respond to product applications questions
  • Conduct site surveys
  • Develop field trial proposals
  • Provide on-site direction and start-up of field trials
  • Supply application documents such as Slurry Handling & Storage Guidelines


In addition to assisting end users and potential users by phone or e-mail, Applications Center staff are available to conduct field surveys and direct field trials of magnesia products.

With regard to wastewater treatment and pulp bleaching applications, field trials are performed when process system profiling indicates the application is a good candidate for magnesium hydroxide use.

Trials serve end user evaluation by:

  • Confirming treatment effectiveness
  • Confirming economic benefit
  • Optimizing slurry dosing
  • Eliminating uncertainty by trial confirmation before adoption of the treatment agent

The Engineering & Applications Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time, and is easy to contact by phone at (800) 840-9590 / (410) 761-8392, or by e-mail at or