pileHard burned magnesium oxide is a low reactive grade of magnesium oxide that has been calcined at temperatures ranging from 1000ºC – 1500ºC. Due to its narrow range of reactivity, hard burned magnesium oxide is typically used in applications where slow degradation or chemical reactivity is required.

Martin Marietta’s high purity MagChem® 10 magnesium oxide products have a relatively high bulk density and low reactivity, and are available as both milled and sized products from a -325 mesh powder to a granular 6 x 16 mesh. Milled hard burned magnesium oxide products are recommended for the following applications:

MagChem 10 CR is a high purity, technical grade of magnesium oxide that is carefully controlled during the calcination and milling steps to provide a consistent reactivity. This product is specifically designed for applications where controlled reactivity is required, and is recommended for applications such as:

Screened hard burned products are coarser than milled products and are used in various applications such as:

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