Higher Alkalinity Contribution Decreases Industrial Wastewater Neutralization Costs

Not all alkalinity agents provide equal treatment.  A very important metric in alkalinity technology selection is the amount of alkalinity contributed with each gallon injected into treatment systems. Greater alkalinity contribution offers lower amount of chemical agent required, lower chemical costs, and lower transportation costs. FloMag®H Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry is such a high-contribution treatment agent.

FloMag® H has a neutralization value that is 37% higher than caustic soda (NaOH).  One (1) gallon of FloMag® H replaces 1.77 gallons of 50% caustic on an equal-alkalinity basisAlthough lime slurry is lower in price on a volumetric or weight basis, magnesium hydroxide contributes much more alkalinity per gallon.  One (1) gallon of magnesium hydroxide slurry typically replaces 2.85 gallons of 34% Ca(OH)2 slurry on an equal-alkalinity basis. The greater alkalinity contribution of FloMag® H contributes to its cost savings.

FloMag®H Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry is trusted by many of North America’s major corporations for wastewater neutralization, pH adjustment, and alkalinity supplementation by delivering a compelling envelope of technical, economic, and safety benefits.

View a table of properties of common alkalinity agents used in industry at this link.