Magnesia – The World Market based on USGS 11/2018 News Release

This Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties (MMMS) blog comments on portions of the latest United States Geological Service of MAGNESIUM COMPOUNDS. We reference independent USGS data to support our “big picture” blog statements. The latest USGS report is available in full online at:

The MMMS plant in Manistee, MI is a major producer of magnesia compounds from natural brines and dolomitic lime. USGS statistics show increasing production, shipments, and exports of magnesia products since 2013, and fewer imports since 2015. In spite of industry production increases and de-bottlenecking, this signals a tightening market. USGS Data in thousand metric tons of magnesium oxide (MgO) content unless otherwise noted.

Each Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialty product is designed to rigorous quality requirements and each fills specific special market needs. The USGS report focuses only on commodity magnesia. MMMS produces several different specialty products within the broad USGS categories: magnesium hydroxide, caustic calcined magnesium oxide (CCM), dead-burnt magnesia. For instance, MMMS splits the USGS commodity category of “Caustic Calcined Magnesia” into “Light-Burned MgO”, “Hard-Burned MgO”, and even further into “Specialty MgO” designed with special reactive properties or human food grade certification. Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2 is produced as a liquid slurry or as a dry powder, each with unique characteristics. Dead-burned magnesia (periclase) is available in sized fractions. Magnesium Chemicals are produced by several of our customers, using high quality raw materials from Manistee and Woodville plants.

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United States Imports and Exports are significant portions of Apparent Consumption. Magnesia markets tend to be worldwide. China in particular is a major producer and consumer of magnesia products. USGS Data show that China has exported large quantities of magnesium oxide (MgO) to the United States. Magnesia is used in several Markets, and global supply and demand is driven by global product requirements in those markets. Events in China since 2016 have reduced both imports and exports to China. Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties is vertically integrated. This means an unusual level of control over raw materials such as dolomitic lime from our own plant in Woodville OH. That in turn means supply chain stability and a high quality product line made wholly in the USA.

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USGS reports that steel is currently in high worldwide demand. This means high-quality MMMS products used in the steel industry (such as dead-burned magnesia and dolomitic lime) are also in high demand. All the factors listed above lead to a tighter worldwide market for demand of
magnesia. Our people have chosen to keep our standard of quality while using many different means to: increase production, reduce waste, save energy, optimize product mix, and streamline customer service and the supply chain.

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At Martin Marietta our vision is to be a World Class Organization based on our People and our Values. We aim to run our operations Safely, Ethically, and with a keen focus on Customer Relations and Operational Excellence. Cost Discipline is key, so that we can respond to the
challenges of the marketplace with Customers in mind. Our People innovate to provide the best possible value to both our Customers and Martin Marietta shareholders.

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