Magnesium Oxide Contribution to Compounding Cycle Time Management

Thermoset elastomers are vulcanized (cured) to produce a degree of crosslinking between polymer chains.  Magnesium oxide impacts the vulcanization process.

The key to successful rubber and plastics compounding is the accurate timing of activity – the property that regulates the rate at which magnesium oxide accepts acidic by-products.  Scrupulously manufactured to precise specifications in size, surface area, porosity and dispersion characteristics, Elastomag® magnesium oxide eliminates unnecessary cycle changes, reduces stock losses, and helps maintain control over product consistency.

Consistent compounding times ensure accurate reproducibility with each production run.  Elastomag’s precision means maximum predictability on the manufactur­ing floor by way of repeatable cure rates.

Elastomag® is used in rubber/halogenated elastomers, polychloroprene/phenolic resin adhesives, and polyester sheet molding compounds.

Posted: November 12, 2013 | In: Rubber and Plastics, Specialty Magnesium Oxide