Magnesium Oxide in Animal Food Supplements

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for all animals, serving a variety of vital functions within the body.  Magnesium oxide, a granular, high purity feed grade magnesium oxide processed from magnesium-rich brines, is an excellent source of magnesium for cattle consuming low-magnesium forages.

Inadequate magnesium in the diets of grazing animals can cause a serious metabolic disorder known as “Grass Tetany.”  The rapid growth rate of grass in Spring means that pastures are often lacking in magnesium.  Young grass is higher in simple carbohydrates and protein, but lower in most minerals.  Grass tetany occurs when the level of magnesium in blood falls below a critical threshold. Providing a palatable magnesium supplement with high biological availability is an effective strategy for maintaining magnesium requirements of grazing animals.

In dairy cattle, magnesium also helps raise the butter fat content of the milk and neutralizes acidosis caused by high amounts of grain in their diet.

The balance of magnesium performs an important role in utilization of calcium, which is released from bone into the bloodstream. As with calcium, magnesium is classified as a macro mineral, which means that it is required by the body in reasonably large quantities. Magnesium is also important in converting sugars into energy.

Magnesium oxide is widely used in the animal feed industry due to its high concentration of magnesium.

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