Magnesium Oxide (MgO) for Improved Performance in Hydrometallurgy

High purity, light burned MagChem®40 magnesium oxide is moderately reactive and uniformly burned to provide a higher recovery of valuable metals such as cobalt, nickel and copper from acid leach solutions. MagChem®40 can improve MgO utilization efficiency and increase the precipitate grade of the metal giving MagChem®40 superior performance in hydrometallurgy over naturally mined magnesia products that have lower MgO purity and slower, non-uniform reactivity.

Unlike lime and caustic soda, MagChem®40 magnesium oxide is a non-hazardous (by D.O.T. standards) and non-corrosive product that is safer to handle. MagChem®40 is particularly advantageous over lime in that it does not cause scaling and produces a metal hydroxide cake free from insoluble sulfate salts such as gypsum.  Due to the gradual neutralization rate of MagChem®40, there is sufficient time for the metal hydroxide particles to grow resulting in larger floc particles that settle out faster.  The metallic sludge generated by MagChem®40 is more concentrated in solids and easier to dewater as compared to sludge produced by lime or caustic soda, which greatly improves the hydrometallurgy process.