Manistee-Plan-2-sm Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, LLC, a subsidiary of Martin Marietta, is a leading producer of high purity magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide products, which are used in a variety of environmental, industrial, chemical, and specialty applications.

With its primary manufacturing facilities in Manistee, Michigan (magnesia plant) and Woodville, Ohio (dolomitic lime plant), Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties also employs global and domestic distribution points to better serve its customers both domestically and worldwide.
Environmental grade magnesia applications include: water treatment, wastewater treatment, flue gas desulfurization, and hydrogen sulfide control.

Industrial grade magnesia applications include: refractories, lubricating oils, abrasives, construction/cements, electrical heating elements, glass manufacture, pulp bleaching, metal mining, and sugar refining.

Chemical grade magnesia applications include: raw material in the manufacture of magnesia salts such as magnesium sulfate, magnesium nitrate and fuel additives.

Specialty grade magnesia applications include: synthetic rubber compounding, plastics, coatings, silicon grain oriented steel manufacture, and food grade (FCC).

At Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties’ Woodville, Ohio facility, dolomitic lime is manufactured where a significant amount of this material is sold to the steelmaking industry for use as a fluxing agent in purifying steel, and for extending the life of refractory linings.

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