Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties’ CellGuard® magnesium hydroxide functions as a cellulose protector and an alkali in mechanical pulp peroxide bleach systems, as well as in the oxygen delignification and extraction stages of chemical pulp bleaching. CellGuard has multiple applications in pulp bleaching and provides the following benefits:

Mechanical Pulp Bleaching Chemical Pulp Bleaching
 Significantly lowers bleach chemical costs by eliminating or reducing caustic soda and sodium silicate usage and by yielding higher residual peroxide for potential reuse  Reduces chemical costs by eliminating magnesium sulfate usage in oxygen delignification and extraction stage bleaching
 Reduces potential for silicate scaling and oxalate scaling  Lowers caustic soda, peroxide and/or chlorine dioxide usage in chemical pulp bleaching
 Lowers BOD/COD up to 40%  Maintains brightness and physical properties
 Improves pulp yield as indicated by BOD/COD reduction
 Reduces anionic trash as measured by conductivity up to 40%
 Maintains brightness and physical properties


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