2-dishesSpecialty magnesium oxides are manufactured to precise specifications in chemistry, size and surface area. Specialty high surface area magnesium oxides such as Elastomag® and Marinco® are calcined at temperatures below 700°C to produce highly reactive magnesium oxides for use in specialty applications such as:

MagChem® 20 SC is a medium reactive, micronized, magnesium oxide powder formulated for applications requiring maximum consistency in chemical properties, physical properties, and reactivity. MagChem 20 SC is used in the manufacture of silicon grain oriented steel for high performance electrical transformers, specialty ceramics, and coatings.

MagChem 200 AD is a highly reactive, micronized, magnesium oxide powder for use as a thickener in sheet/bulk molding compounds, an acid acceptor in PVC applications, and as a curing agent in neoprene/phenolic adhesives.

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