The Application Center engineers often use “twin tanks” capable of holding in excess of a trailer-load of high solids stabilized magnesium hydroxide slurry – FloMag (R) or CellGuard (R) – to assist customers to evaluate MMMS products at their own sites and in their own processes.

Wastewater Treatment Plant operators use alkalinity as a tool to control and optimize biological activity for efficient wastewater treatment. Proper alkalinity control contributes to expanded water treatment capacity, better permit compliance, cleaner discharge, better use of capital, better process control, lower risk of process upset, and avoids smelly sulfur bacteria! To find out how much […]

Industrial processes that produce high ammonia loading in wastewater are common.  Biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems employ sequential nitrification/denitrification to convert ammonium into harmless N2 gas. In nitrification, aerobic nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia to nitrate:             Ammonia  →  Nitrite   →  Nitrate