Truth in Costing

Magnesia technologies are trusted by many of North America’s major corporations for wastewater neutralization, pH adjustment, and alkalinity supplementation by delivering a compelling envelope of technical, economic, and safety benefits.

An important source of cost savings available to 50% caustic soda users originates from the greater alkalinity contribution of magnesium hydroxide.

  • One gallon of magnesium hydroxide replaces 1.77 gallon of 50% sodium hydroxide, on an equal-alkalinity basis
  • A cost savings calculator is provided at the bottom of our Wastewater Treatment Page as an easy method to calculate cost savings

Additional cost reductions:

  • Disposal Costs of biosolids/sludge creates less sludge volume vs. other alkalis
  • Costs for Acids are unnecessary with natural buffering at a pH of 9
  • Costs for De-scaling Chemicals – magnesium hydroxide does not cause scaling
  • Costs for Polymers – magnesium hydroxide forms a larger floc particle where solids settling is improved, reducing polymer usage
  • Reduced Transportation Costs – Consuming less neutralization agent means less product to transport