We challenge you to compare FloMag® H magnesium hydroxide slurry!

Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, LLC’s synthetic, high-purity, high-solids stabilized magnesium hydroxide slurry provides our customers the highest value available. We challenge you to obtain a sample of our synthetic high-solids stabilized FloMag® H slurry, and a competitive magnesium hydroxide slurry. Test it yourself and see the Martin Marietta difference!

Synthetic High-Purity

Our ISO-Certified manufacturing plant in Manistee, Michigan is situated over a vast natural reservoir of magnesium-rich brine. Our experienced staff brings the brine to the surface, precipitates the magnesium and creates a synthetic magnesium hydroxide slurry that has less impurities than slurries derived from naturally-mined magnesite. We are the only plant in the United States that makes high-purity synthetic magnesium hydroxide slurry from natural brine.


FloMag® H high-purity magnesium hydroxide slurry is produced with high solids using a patented process so that shipping costs are minimized, customer’s storage tanks are efficiently utilized, and slurry feed equipment capital is kept as low as possible.

Stabilized Slurry

Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties produces stabilized slurry by a patented process to maintain excellent magnesium hydroxide solids suspension over a period of time.  FloMag® H’s superior stability enables transport over long distances by tank truck or railcar and requires only intermittent agitation while in storage. We challenge you to put a graduated cylinder of FloMag® H slurry and an equal volume of a competitive slurry on your bench and watch it for a day undisturbed. See the Martin Marietta difference yourself!

Balanced Quality

Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties uses our patented process to balance FloMag® H slurry properties so that you can get full value from the product you purchase. FloMag® H is more reactive than slurries produced from naturally-mined magnesia achieves the target pH quicker, and is a more concentrated source of alkalinity compared to other sources of magnesium hydroxide slurry.

For details, check out our plant tour video HERE.

Martin Marietta People

Perhaps the biggest difference in Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties products: The People! Whether it’s Manufacturing, Customer Service, Sales, Management, or Technical, we live by our values – Safety, Integrity, Excellence, Community, and Stewardship.